Empresas: NH Hotel Group
* Assure that the guests/clients receive a service adapted, when possible, to their preferences, needs, life styles, and forms of working and interacting (FEEL AT EASE):

* Maintain good relationship with the guests/clients, ensuring that all of them have a service and experience adapted to their preferences and needs.
* Develop new effective approaches to building up the position of NH Collection category with the specific partners and establishing strategic alliances.
* Behave by our beliefs: the guests and clients are our number 1 priority, coordinate different departments in order to assure a high quality experience and create an excellent service attitude.
* Make sure that the specific requirements are correct and coordinate them with the corresponding department.
* Offer different possibilities for external and internal services (meeting rooms, restaurants reservations, car rental, etc.)

* Assure that clients/guests feel accompanied at every moment, as well as connected with their city of destination (FEEL THE PLACE):

* Have a thorough knowledge of the services offered by the company, and also in the place/city (restaurants, leisure facilities, transport facilities, museums, etc.).
* Organize and coordinate (together with the clients/ guests) the preparation of the activities of interest, according to their needs.
* Maintain a direct and frequent contact with clients/guests, especially during the most [+] Ampliar información

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