]]> As a UI & Data visualization developer in the GAMMA UI team, you will be responsible for constructing rich Web Applications that feature elements of Data Visualisation and designing optimal interfaces to AI solutions which solve complex problems.

Creating reusable components using React which can be composed to form the next generation User Interfaces will be key to scale our capabilities at BCG GAMMA.

Your creative abilities will be critical on cases to transmit clarity to users when interfacing the work performed on the Back End of applications by our Data Scientists and AI Software Engineers.

You’ll also play a pivotable role supporting other members of the GAMMA UI Team, and running training sessions for a wider audience demonstrating Best Practices for User Interface Design & Development.

Expressing empathy with end-users in order to design clear, effective UI solutions to complex problems.
Visualizing information and data which may not naturally fit onto a Cartesian Grid.
Determining how to render large magnitudes of data in a performant fashion in the web browser.
Writing reusable, functional JavaScript, and working alongside team members using Agile methodologies.
Working within time constraints whilst still going beyond the brief to bring delight to end-users

Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or Data Visualisation.
A Github/Codepen/Blog demonstrating your passion for Front End topics.
2-4+ years of experience in a Software Engineering role using JavaScript.
2+ years of experience with ReactJS.
Experience composing Azure/AWS/GCP microservices to interface backend functionality.
Creative experience with CSS, SVG, and ideally GSAP animation library.
Excellent proficiency in English. [+] Ampliar información

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